Spinach Cubes

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Did you know that spinach originates from ancient Persia, in the area of present day Iran, and that it arrived in China for the first time when it was sent as a gift by the king of Nepal. Though it was known to the ancient peoples for centuries, it didn't reach Europe until the Middle Ages. For the youngest spinach lovers, and those who still feel young, the first association with this vegetable is the fantastic strength.

Ledo Spinach Cubes are cubes of finely chopped spinach, making it easy to define portions. If you wish to prepare spinach with cream or milk for your family in just ten minutes, Spinach Cubes are the best choice. They are available year round and are always ready to embark on your culinary adventures.

Average nutritional value
Nutritional value per 100g
Calories 22 kcal /91 kJ
Protein 3,10
Carbohydrate 0,50
Fat 0,80

Product does not require defrosting prior to preparation. To prepare, cook cubes in a pot for 10 minutes.

Grace your meal with a touch of colorful goodness. Tasty, fresh frozen Ledo fruit and veggies range from crunchy carrots and silky smooth cuts of spinach leaves to the popular recipe mixes and smoothie blends.

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