Peas and Carrots

Kuhajte s ovim proizvodom

The combination of these two most popular vegetable can be used to prepare various tasty salads, soups or creative side dishes. In addition to cheering you up with their bright and happy colours, they will make every dish more attractive, interesting, succulent and eye-catching, and will surely remind you of grandmother's cooking.

Ledo Peas and Carrots blend reduces the time required to make delicious meals, and is also available year round. They are perfect in hearty soups and stews, and will make a rice dish different and more innovative. If you prefer French salad without potatoes, this mixture will resolve your problems, just as it will fit perfectly into other refreshing salads.

If you are not certain as to which side dish to prepare with meat or fish dishes, peas and carrots sautéed in butter is sure to be an excellent choice.

Average nutritional value
Nutritional value per 100g
Calories 61 kcal/256 kJ
Protein 3,20
Carbohydrate 12,00
Fat 0,30

Product does not require defrosting prior to preparation. To prepare, boil vegetable blend in a pot for 8 to 10 minutes, or sauté in a pan for 10 to 15 minutes.

Grace your meal with a touch of colorful goodness. Tasty, fresh frozen Ledo fruit and veggies range from crunchy carrots and silky smooth cuts of spinach leaves to the popular recipe mixes and smoothie blends.

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