King Chocolate Obsession 450 ml

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Do you crave a dessert that will ensure a whole new dimension of enjoyment at first bite? Then the new King Chocolate Obsession tub is the perfect choice for you!

King Chocolate Obsession in a 450 ml tub is the perfect combination of ice cream made from the finest chocolate: white chocolate with chocolate pieces and chocolate, chocolate filling and a topping in the form of a dark chocolate disk. The pinnacle of this sweet story is the sprinkling of chocolate puffs that complete this delectable dessert.

The new King Chocolate Obsession will perfectly accompany many moments of relaxation, and the pleasure will be even sweeter if shared with a loved one. One thing is for sure – a whole pile of “royal” memories is sure to be created!

Creamy, frosty, delicious Ledo ice cream - bringing smiles and happiness to everyone.

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