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Learn how to eat right while pregnant and breastfeeding

Learn how to eat right while pregnant and breastfeeding

Learn how to eat right while pregnant and breastfeeding

Pregnancy and the first days of motherhood are very sensitive in the life of every mother, and are also one of the most beautiful periods in which mothers, babies and fathers enjoy every minute spent together.


In order to make this period even better and to answer questions and resolve your dilemmas, together with recognised nutritionist Darija Vranešić Bender, Ledo has developed an educational guide with many useful and valuable tips on a balanced and health daily diet.

The proper diet guide is divided into three categories – pregnant women, breastfeeding women and babies.

Pregnant women

The first category of tips and practical recipes is intended for future mothers and women planning pregnancy. The guide offers substantial information on pre-pregnancy diet, diet during pregnancy and which foods to avoid, and which should be consumed in larger quantities.

Breastfeeding women

After the delivery, mothers encounter breastfeeding, a time in which it is also very important to watch the combinations of foods and to ensure healthy foods are eaten in sufficient quantities. Learn how to create simple weekly menus that contain the necessary calories to make your milk richer in minerals and vitamins to meet your baby's nutritional needs.


In addition to dietary tips for mothers, the guide also give interesting information on your baby's diet in the earlier periods – babies to 6 months, babies from 6 to 9 months and babies from 10 to 12 months. Read about how a proper diet and delicious recipes can be used to resolve many of the most common problems in babies, and to make your first days together the loveliest moments.

Enjoy happy motherhood with Ledo's Guide to proper diet – everything you need to know, now all in one place!