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Ledo is ready for the best ice cream season ever:

Ledo is ready for the best ice cream season ever:

Ledo is ready for the best ice cream season ever:

- The best ice cream season is announced with 44 new ice cream products;
- The 30% yearly increase of exports to markets beyond the region confirms the strong position of Ledo;
- The humanitarian campaign for children from the SOS Children's Village Lekenik is yet one more reason to be at IceCreamDay in Maksimir Park on the 28th of May 2016.

Zagreb, May 11, 2015 –As many as 44 new ice cream products, with a special emphasis on innovation and so far unseen flavor combinations, are only part of the news that Ledo, the leading Croatian and regional manufacturer of ice cream, presented to the media today, announcing the new ice cream season.

The new ice cream season will be marked by innovations in a very wide range for all groups of loyal Ledo consumers. "We have prepared better than ever and we are extremely optimistic, while I personally believe that this year we will break all the records and achieve the best year so far. The optimism is built on numerous innovative products, as we target new consumer niches and introduce new categories. We are opening the ice cream season with 44 new ice cream products on the market", said Ana Štebih, director of marketing and development for Ledo d.d.

Ledo has 210 different ice cream products in its entire assortment, and a third of its production is exported to more than twenty foreign markets in Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Hešteg ice cream – unique in taste and shape

An innovative approach, modern technology, and the high quality of raw materials – these are the foundations on which Ledo has built its successful strategy of winning and retaining a very strong and stable position in the region, but also in the rest of the world. How successfully Ledo competes with the world's largest companies in the ice cream sector was confirmed by the latest research by Euromonitor, according to which Ledofirmly holds a high market share throughout the Adria region. At the global level, Ledo is recognized as a good partner and has very good cooperation with some of the world's most famous companies, and has an annual export growth rate of 30% in markets outside the region. Significant recognition for Ledo also arrived from Mintel, the world-famous global company for business intelligence, which published a comprehensive analysis of the portfolio ofLedo products, with a special focus just on innovation.

Among the innovations of the ice cream season Hešteg(Hastag) stands out, ice cream on two sticks, unique throughout the world for its form. This ice cream features the delicious combination of vanilla with an orange coating. And the King family has gained two new members, King Love and King Caramel Adventure, which have already found fans.

The offers of ice-cream cones have been enriched this season with the new types Hazelnut and Raspberry Cake, and there is also the special Kornet Cookie, the first ice cream with a dark cone. And in the segment of family packs, Ledo is expanding its Quattro packs with the perfect combination of tastes and fun for the whole family, while with Ledo Torte (ice cream cakes)every moment can be made special.


Discover new ice cream surprises!

Click on a balloon to see what Ledo has prepared for the 2016 season.

Don't forget your IceCreamDay shirt!

So that all fans of ice cream at first hand and in one place could see for themselves all the new features, Ledo this year has prepared an unforgettable party in honor of everyone's favorite desert at the only festival of ice cream – IceCreamDay, which will be held on Saturday, the 21st of May in Maksimir Park. All ice cream lovers, large and small, are welcome. This year's IceCreamDay will further be enriched by humanitarian action in cooperation with the children of the SOS Children's Village Lekenik. Ledo has prepared special IceCreamDay shirts that all visitors will be able to purchase at a promotional price of 30 Kuna. The entire proceeds from the sale are intended for the children from the SOS Children's Village Lekenik.