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Swedish delicacy – Almondy Cake

Swedish delicacy – Almondy Cake

Swedish delicacy – Almondy Cake

Ledo is pleased to offer the products of the renowned Swedish Almondy Cake.  This cake is based on a traditional recipe that two young Swedish men – Kent and Lennart – brought with them from a small town on the west coast of Sweden.

Though their desire was to become famous seafarers, after their first unforgettable taste experience with this enchanting almond cake with delicate layers of cream, sprinkled with toasted almonds, they forgot all about their original wish to sail the high seas and decided instead to dedicate themselves to making this famous cake. Their passion for Almondy Cakes has since been spread around the entire world.

It is with great pleasure that Ledo presents the unique and exceptionally delicious Almondy Cake, which is available in Ledo freezers in three enticing combinations.

Almondy Cake with Daim

Almondy Cake with Daim is made from milk chocolate, almonds and crunchy pieces of Daim chocolate, traditional Swedish milk chocolate coated caramel pieces, making this cake a true paradise of flavours for those who love crunchy sweets. Almondy Cake with Daim is gluten free. Almondy Cake with Daim is excellent for parties and as a sweet surprise when you want to cheer up a loved one with an irresistible treat. If you are thinking of the best way to end the day, this is certainly it –  crunchy Almondy Cake with Daim is sure to entice all your senses. The cake is gluten free.

Almondy Almond Cake

Almondy Almond Cake is a crispy cake layer coated with an irresistible golden almond cream, and sprinkled with sliced, lightly toasted almonds that ornament this flavour queen. Almondy Almond Cake is gluten free. Almondy Almond Cake is an excellent choice for formal occasions in which you do not have a lot of time for cooking and baking. You can always depend on its perfect appearance and magical flavour.

Almondy Marabou Premium

Almondy Marabou Premium is an excellent choice for those who love the powerful taste of dark chocolate, as it contains Marabou Premium dark chocolate with 70% cocoa. Almondy Marabou Premium cake is gluten-free. Almondy Marabou Premium is truly a special delicacy, intended for the pampered palates of those who love extra chocolaty flavours. If you are expecting important guests but are not an expert baker, the extravagant appearance and flavour of this cake is sure to delight even the most demanding chocoholics.

Try Almondy cake and give in to the unforgettable Swedish delicacy!