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This year's Ledonardo contest winner announced

This year's Ledonardo contest winner announced

This year's Ledonardo contest winner announced

The new 2014 Ledonardo ice cream – an irresistible blend of banana and brownie has thrilled all the panellists!

Today, the final phase of this year's Ledonardo competition was held, the final duel between the two finalists: "Bonbicaa" – a cone with banana and brownie flavoured ice cream, with a banana topping, and "Ribizibinaj" – a cone with blackcurrant and brownie flavoured ice cream and a blackcurrant topping. The judges included members of the Ledo team, the Ledo Medo mascot, comedian Ivan Šarić and rising star in the acting world Vanja Čirjak, and all media persons present.

All the participants had the opportunity to try both ice creams and give their vote as to which was better. The tasting was furthered sweetened by comic remarks by Ivan Šarić who, together with Ledo Medo, entertained all those present.

After the counting of votes, the victory went to the ice cream Bonbicaa! Congratulations to the creator of this ice cream Petra Bikić!

Ivan Šarić exclaimed, "My dream has come true! I've got to try an ice cream before it goes into mass production, and I have to admit, it was an exceptionally tough decision to make!"

On this occasion, Dario Vrabec, director of marketing and development, gave an overview of this year's competition, "This year's Ledonardo competition exceeded all out expectations! More than 70,000 ice creams were created, and we collected more than 2.5 million licks on our website. We are proud that our consumers have recognised the quality of this project, and have awarded our efforts with their participation. The new Ledonardo ice cream, an irresistible combination of banana and brownie will be available on the market this spring."