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Ice creams


Try an ice cream even better than you ever imagined! Try Lollipop – a double treat on a stick ready to delight children with its tasty flavour, while the bright colours will stimulate all the senses. This bubble gum flavoured ice cream has a real and tasty lollipop in the middle, making the taste of this favourite sweet complete.

The unique and attractive Lollipop is a sure surprise – just as your favourite ice cream treat is just about done, Lollipop will show you that ice cream does not need to be just ice cream. Just as you wish there was more, this colourful sensation gives some additional moments of sweet delight. If you've ever had a difficult time choosing whether to have ice cream or a lollipop as a treat, Lollipop is the perfect solution for this dilemma.

Ledo ice creams meet the highest health and hygiene standards