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Ice creams

Quattro Romance 900ml

If you want to treat your family to something new and different than what you’re used to, serve the Mini Quattro Romance ice cream. This ice cream is special because of its new and innovative formula, which ensures soft ice cream even at -18°C, so you can enjoy the rich and irresistible ice cream flavours right out of the freezer.

There is no need to wait to enjoy your favourite treat! With Mini Quattro Romance, you can immediately delve into the ice cream flavours of dark chocolate, panna cotta with blackberry topping, and blackberry and wild strawberry with a white chocolate topping and a fine sprinkling of white chocolate pieces.

The new recipe Soft Ice – comes to you from Ledo for the first time! Treat your family, guests and yourself to a completely new experience, with a delicious combination of four different flavours, and a soft texture that is sure to be an instant hit.