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Breaded chicken cordon bleu 400g

The well known dish Cordon bleu is a tasty and fast frozen chicken meat product. Delicious chicken meat is filled with cheese and ham to give it a special flavour. Intended for all generations who love a delicious meal.

In combination with a fresh salad, roasted potatoes or any other side dish of your choice, you are sure to enjoy this tasty meal that is fast and easy to prepare. Any combination is an excellent choice if you have no time to cook, but want something delicious to eat.

Ledo Cordon bleu is prepared with 100% chicken breast, filled with ham and cheese, and coated in a crispy wheat flour coating.

The packaging contains 4 pieces that are ready to prepare, without thawing.


  • Frying 6-7 min

Ledo meats come exclusively from proven suppliers that have both traceability and tradition