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Breaded Squid Rings 400g 1000g

Crispy and succulent Ledo Breaded Squid Rings are a favourite finger food at parties, and take a special place among children's favourite foods. Made from sweet squid, they are the right choice for a simple and tasty seafood dish that is ready in a flash. Ledo Breaded Squid Rings are enveloped in an irresistable crispy breading, which is excellent news for all those who love breaded products.


  • Deep-fryer 2 min
  • Frying 3 min

Place frozen breaded squid rings without thawing into hot safflower oil and fry about 3 minutes until golden yellow. Serve with tartar sauce and a wedge of refreshing lemon.

Ledo fish contains no preservatives and is a natural choice for important nutrients