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Vegetables and fruit

Fava Beans 450g

Before the arrival of the popularly called 'American crops', beans, potatoes and corn, fava beans were a much more common element in European nutrition. This flavourful bean and its intensive green colour will enrich both traditional and modern dishes, and make them creative and interesting.

Ledo Fava Beans are available year round and are very simple to prepare. As an ingredient, they are often present in Dalmatian delicacies, such as seafood stew with cuttlefish or different types of fish. Fava Beans are also an excellent ingredient in the preparation of stews, purees, refreshing salads, and pasta and rice dishes.


  • Boiling 8 - 10 min
  • Sautéing 10 - 15 min

Product does not require defrosting prior to preparation. To prepare, cook fava beans in a pot for 8 to 10 minutes, or sauté in a pan for 10 to 15 minutes.

Ledo fruits and vegetables are a great way to enrich your diet throughout the year