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Vegetables and fruit

Whole String Beans 450g

String beans, like many other legumes and beans, originate from Central and South America. For centuries, they were the main source of protein for many Indian tribes. This vegetable with an interesting shape can be turned into a true gastronomic delight in the hands of created cooks.

Ledo Whole String Beans are a premium product composed of the best and highest quality string beans, and are available year round. They are excellent for the preparation of hearty stews, refreshing salads and mixed sautéed vegetables. A recipe that many will remember from their children is string beans sautéed in butter with bread crumbs, which will thrill you with its irresistible aroma.


  • Boiling 7 - 9 min
  • Sautéing 10 - 12 min

Product does not require defrosting before preparation. To prepare, boil string beans in a pot for 7 to 9 minutes, or sauté in a pan for 10 to 12 minutes.

Ledo fruits and vegetables are a great way to enrich your diet throughout the year