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Vegetables and fruit

Sour Cherries 450g 2500g

With its attractive deep red colour and irresistible and juicy sweet-sour taste, the sour cherry is rightfully the queen of countless sweet delicacies. This fruit was created by the crossing of the sweet domestic cherry with wild, sour cherries, and was already known to the ancient Romans.

Ledo Sour Cherries are pitted and available to all fruit lovers year round, and are very easy to prepare.

Irresistible strudels, pies, creamy cakes and refreshing fruit salads are unthinkable without sour cherries and its specific flavour that gives any dessert a special note. They are also excellent for the preparation of tasty jams and rich sauces. The combination of a hot sour cherry sauce and crepes filled with ice cream is a true, sweet treat that will delight everyone in your household.


  • Thawing 1 h

Prior to preparation, sour cherries should be thawed for one hour.

Ledo fruits and vegetables are a great way to enrich your diet throughout the year